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    Worldwide Chauffeur Drive provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in London and the Home Counties via our dedicated fleet of fully trained, uniformed chauffeurs. Chauffeurs must be in possession of a valid PCO (Public Carriage Office) License and at least two years experience before they are engaged to serve Worldwide Chauffeur Drive clients.

    Airport Transfers

    Specialists in journeys to/from all London Airports. Our dedicated control team monitors all flights so Chauffeurs are only allocated jobs once the flight has landed, unless specified by you.

    A to B Journeys

    Simply pickups from point A to B.

    As Directed

    For journeys with multiple drop off’s and waiting involved. Our Chauffeurs are trained to follow intricate itineraries.


    Worldwide Chauffeur Drive specializes in Events such as Ascot and Wimbledon where a dedicated member of staff is provided to ensure the Event runs smoothly and efficiently allowing you the client to have a successful and stress free Event.

    Sightseeing Tours

    Worldwide Chauffeur Drive is a specialist when it comes to Sightseeing Tours, where we can provide Blue Badge guides.


    Worldwide Chauffeur Drive can arrange all your Transportation needs for that special day! From a Bentley or Stretch Limo to an S Class Mercedes – Please call for further details and dedicated Worldwide Chauffeur Drive team member who will be responsible for all aspects of your special day!


    Another area where Uk Chauffeur Drive excels! Worldwide Chauffeur Drive understands the diverse and complicated nature of itineraries involved with Roadshows – from multiple vehicles to multiple drop off’s and time constraints. We have been looking after some of the most influential Corporates for many years!